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Save time and money using nail strips! Our Nail Strips are made with Real Nail Polish and can last between 7-10 days if you use a top coat. There are a ton of YouTube videos to show you how to apply nail strips. Directions: Remove any old nail polish or wraps using nail polish removerPush cuticles back Clean nails with rubbing alcoholTry not to touch skin with wrap-including cuticles and sides of nails when applyingFile down to remove any excess nail wrapApply a top coat IF you have oily nails, try using a base coat first, then putting the wrap on.   DO NOT GET THEM WET FOR AT LEAST 2 HOURS!! TIPS: If you have never used nail wraps before, the glitter strips are easiest to apply...or the shiny shimmery ones.  Matte strips are probably the hardest but still doable, just takes practice! 
This is real nail polish they will dry out if left open.  You can seal them in an airtight bag and use them     later-must be air tight and kept in a cool dry place.-If your nail wraps are left in the cold, let them warm up before using.-When applying nail wraps avoid water for the next 2 hours. The adhesive needs time to dry to the nail. I recommend applying before bed so the adhesive has time to dry, after that there is no issues with getting them wet. SHIPPING IS FREE-I DO NOT PAY FOR TRACKING unless you pay for it or your order is over $20. IF YOU WANT TRACKING PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER SHIPPING METHOD, $2.95 shipping option includes tracking. If you have any issues or concerns please send me a message:)

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