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Welcome to  Kodi Professional!
Kodi Professional presents 2021
NEW COLLECTIONS 7ml. (in New Design)
New collection "ANIMAL PRINT" by KODI PROFESSIONAL.Animal Print collection - these are gel polishes with black flakes.
New collection "DIAMOND SKY" by KODI PROFESSIONAL.The Diamond Sky collection of gel polishes hypnotizes with a luxurious shimmer. The transparent base, densely saturated with reflective glitter in different shades, creates a holographic scattering of diamonds on your nails. The night sky shimmers so inspiring when you dream. The dawn shines so brightly when dreams come true ... Diamond Sky gel polishes are ideal for your nail art experiments. They are able to add magic to any, even the most severe image. Can be used as a stand-alone coating or in combination with a colored substrate. They look especially beautiful in combination with a deep dark color substrate.
New collection "COFFEE PARADISE" by KODI PROFESSIONAL.New collection Kodi Professional "COFFEE PARADISE" was inspired by the basic, soothing shades of coffee drinks. These colors are characterized by versatility, understated elegance and excellent combinatorial properties.
New collection "NATURAL MOTIVES" by KODI PROFESSIONAL.We invite you on an amazing journey through natural colors, textures and shapes with our exclusive collection of gel polishes "NATURAL MOTIVES"! Authentic shades of Natural Motives gel polishes are perfect to complement the trendy looks of this season. The collection gel polishes are highly pigmented and have excellent hiding power.
New collection "DRESS CODE"  by KODI PROFESSIONAL.One of the main trends in nail art that emerged last year and smoothly transitions into the future is the return of the classics. Classics are expressed in colors: rich and restrained shades that give the image elegance, laconicism and completeness. The limited collection of Dress code gel polishes consists of 6 classic shades that embody a new femininity and will be appropriate in any situation.
New collection "WEDDING STYLE" by KODI PROFESSIONAL.Nail design plays one of the most important roles when it comes to preparing a stylish wedding look. Every detail is taken care of to ensure that the bride looks perfect to the tips of her nails on her wedding day. Having carefully studied the modern trends in wedding nail art, KODI PROFESSIONAL specialists have developed a limited collection of Wedding Style gel polishes. The Wedding Style Collection is 11 amazingly beautiful shades that harmoniously complement an exquisite wedding look, give your hands shine, grace and a touch of elegant chic.
New collection "ART SPRINKLE" by KODI PROFESSIONAL.Especially for lovers of unusual colors and original creative solutions in nail design, KODI PROFESSIONAL produces a collection of Art Sprinkle gel polishes, the color base of which is enriched with various inclusions and decorative particles of various shapes and sizes. Gel polishes of this collection open up wide possibilities for nail art and are no less intriguing when self-covering nails. Due to their balanced consistency, they are comfortable to apply and have good hiding power, provide a dense color of the coating in two layers of application.
New collection "ROMANTIC NUDE" by Kodi Professional."ROMANTIC NUDE" collection - these are light, romantic, translucent gel polishes that I captivate with their airy texture and create a special mood. The collection is distinguished by the most delicate pastel palette. You can use them under a jacket and on your own. It is the best choice for all lovers of classic and elegant shades.
New collection "CAT SHINE" gel polish is a magnetic gel polish, the texture of which is highly saturated with a special metallized mass. This gel polish creates a finish with incredibly beautiful, multidimensional, holographic tints. It interacts perfectly with any color substrate, changing its shade. A high-power magnet is required to create a highlight, it is recommended to use Duo Magnet from KODI PROFESSIONAL.To achieve the most intense and bright effect, it is recommended to use black gel polish №100BW as a substrate. You can experiment with different substrate colors if you want.
Master will certainly appreciate the premium quality of the material and comfort in work! Key Product Features: Perfect consistency Incredibly comfortable brush color density Flawless durability Advanced anti-counterfeiting system
New collection "PORCELAIN COLLECTION" by Kodi Professional.Porcelain collection - a collection of gel polishes with an amazing porcelain texture. Possessing deceptive simplicity and fragility, the Porcelain collection will amaze you with its special character and impeccable elegant style. An eye-pleasing, light and delicate palette, where each shade reveals an amazing porcelain depth, designed to seduce, inspire and inspire you to create nail art masterpieces.
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